Union Pacific's Pipeline Express Service Delivers 25,000th Car

Union Pacific Railroad's Pipeline Express service has reached a milestone by delivering its 25,000th rail car of customer product, the company announced on Dec. 10.

Pipeline Express, which was formed in 2005, serves the steel pipeline industry for oil and gas producers. It has grown from moving approximately 1,700 rail cars in its first year to nearly 8,000 for its customers through year-end 2008.

"By offering the best value proposition to the natural gas industry, Union Pacific has emerged as the clear transportation choice," said Greg Shimonek, senior business director for the railroad's Pipeline Express service. "Our carloads tell the story."

Shimonek pointed to the capacity of the railroad's fleet of 89-foot flat cars, which can carry 100 tons of pipe, as a competitive advantage for the service. The service also features unit trains, daily logistics reports, and a single point of customer contact for the whole cycle, the company said.