Transdev to Operate Milwaukee Streetcar

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works has awarded Transdev an operating contract for the Milwaukee Streetcar, which begins service in late 2018. The contract covers an 18-month pre-revenue period that started on July 1 plus five-year revenue service base term, plus five option years. 

Under the contract, Transdev will be responsible for all aspects of operations and overseeing maintenance, including hiring staff, training and managing streetcar operators, service operations, dispatch, vehicle and track maintenance and fare enforcement. The manufacturer will serve as the maintenance subcontractor. This is the same type of streetcar that the company currently operates in Detroit. 

“We applaud the vision of the City as it adds a new mobility option that also serves as a catalyst for economic investment and neighborhood revitalization,” stated Mike Murray, president of Transdev Services. “Transdev is proud to add our extensive expertise and passion for transit to the project and is committed to providing superior operational performance.” 

Depending on final seat configuration, each Milwaukee Streetcar vehicle will accommodate a range of 150 to 200 passengers. It will operate in shared traffic on city streets with stops every three to four blocks at speeds of about 25 to 30 mph. The Phase 1 route is projected to generate approximately 1,850 rides per day and more than 595,000 rides per year in the first full year of operations.