Track Jobs Added for MBTA’s Fitchburg Commuter Rail Project

With funds from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), 15 employees have been hired to support the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's (MBTA) $9 million Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line project, which is part of Governor Deval Patrick's Massachusetts Recovery Plan.

The 15 jobs involve work related to construction of track and right of way as part of the larger Fitchburg project to modernize the existing commuter rail line along the 50-mile corridor from Fitchburg to Boston. The Fitchburg line is the longest in the MBTA system in distance and travel time.

The Fitchburg project creates new jobs and will benefit commuters through increased capacity and faster travel times on the line. The MBTA has applied for additional stimulus funds to complete double tracking of the line, allowing 80 mph travel speeds, up to 12 percent better on-time performance and reduced operating and maintenance costs. 

The Massachusetts Congressional delegation worked with colleagues in Washington, D.C. to allocate a total of $319 million in recovery funds for transit projects at the regional transit authorities and the MBTA.