Tealinc Orders Vertex Railcars

Tealinc, Ltd., a railcar operating lessor, has placed an order with Vertex Railcar Corporation for the construction of 2480 cubic foot capacity open top hopper aggregate railcars. The quantity of cars and the terms of the sale were not disclosed. The cars will begin shipping in the early fall of 2017. 

“As a railcar owner and active operating lessor we have been searching for a manufacturer capable of building railcars to serve our aggregate customers,” said Julie Mink, president of Tealinc. “We value the demonstrated quality, quantity flexibility, and a true mutually beneficial relationship that working with Vertex provides.” 

“We had assumed many things when we were planning our visit to VRC; however when we arrived in Wilmington, N.C., the capability, exceptional quality standards and passion shown by everyone at Vertex was more than we could have hoped for and we are confident that these Vertex built railcars will serve our aggregate customers while in the Tealinc private railcar fleet for many years to come,” added Mink. 

“This is the second rail lessor in recent months that has chosen us to be their aggregate car solution after visiting our facility in Wilmington, N.C., and interacting with our entire team,” remarked Vertex CEO Donald Croteau. “This serves as strong validation for us of our commitment to making the highest quality, best built rail car asset that all users in the North American market can rely on. We are proud to be chosen as an important supplier for this excellent rail leasing group.”