South Carolina Public Railways Picks RMI System

Rail information services firm RMI on Feb. 17 announced that the South Carolina Public Railways (SCPR) has decided to implement RMI's RailConnect® Transportation Management System (TMS). SCPR also plans to implement RMI's mCrew module for remote train crew reporting and ShipperConnect® for its customers.

"By implementing the advanced features of RailConnect TMS such as mCrew and ShipperConnect, our train crews, our managers, and our customers will all have more timely information to support operating decisions," said SCPR President Jeff McWhorter.

RMI also announced receipt of Union Pacific's Partnership Award, which was presented at UP's inaugural intermodal symposium in Omaha.

"RMI's responsiveness in system enhancements has been instrumental in providing information to improve ramp efficiency," said Barry Michaels, UP's AVP, premium operations.