Siemens to Power VTA Light Rail Line

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has awarded Siemens a contract to provide electrification technology for VTA's Guadalupe Corridor light rail line. The contract replaces VTA’s 27-year-old systems with Siemens’ electrification technology that will provide advanced monitoring and diagnostic features to streamline maintenance activities.

Included in the contract are traction power substations that convert alternating current electricity to power the light rail trains, modern protection communication devices, and circuit breakers and controllers that monitor the system and report issues if they arise.

“VTA is pleased that Siemens is on board to upgrade our existing traction power substations,” stated Adof Daaboul, VTA’s senior transportation engineer. “With Siemens’ history of serving light rail communities throughout the country, we are looking forward to the new technology the company will provide in order to help keep our own VTA Light Rail system operating smoothly for years to come.”

Siemens will deliver the project from design and production to final commissioning, including all elements of preparing the site and replacing the old existing traction power substations that converts electric power for the vehicles.

"Light rail is one of our country’s most important modes of public transportation, and ensuring that it runs smoothly relies on critical electrification technologies you may not always be able to see and touch as a rider,” remarked Steffen Goeller, vice president of Siemens Rail Electrification in the United States. “Siemens is excited to be chosen by VTA to enhance their existing infrastructure systems while bringing the latest in power technologies that increase the lifespan of vehicles and improve the rider experience.”

Commissioning is scheduled to begin in November 2017. This the first time Siemens will serve as the prime contractor for VTA.