Port of Oakland Awarded TIGER Grant To Improve Rail

The Port of Oakland's Outer Harbor Intermodal Terminal (OHIT) Rail Access project has been awarded a $15 million TIGER grant. The port announced the award earlier this week.

The port plans to use the federal funds, along with additional local and state funding, to improve rail access to the port and also the proposed Oakland Army Base development, and to expand rail capacity at the port. The project is part of the joint City-Port Oakland Army Base redevelopment plan

"Close collaboration between the City and Port has made this possible, and I have to thank Council President Reid and the Mayor's stellar team of City Administrator Deanna Santana and Assistant City Administrator Blackwell for their commitment and support," said Port Board President Pamela Calloway in the port's announcement. "This federal commitment is also essential in helping preserve our $242 million in state funding, as this demonstrates to the California Transportation Commission the significance and momentum of this project."