Port of N.Y./N.J.'s ExpressRail Marks Major Milestone

Almost 20 years after launching its on-dock rail system, the Port of New York and New Jersey marked a major milestone when its ExpressRail Elizabeth facility transported its three millionth cargo container by rail.

This year, two expansion projects will be completed, including the addition of a second lead track into the ExpressRail Elizabeth facility and the completion of additional support track west of Corbin Street in the port. The addition of the second lead track will allow for simultaneous arrival and departure of two trains while the additional support track will allow marshalling of trains to a single destination, providing a quicker, more-efficient movement of containers.

The port has invested $600 million in the upgrades, which will give the ExpressRail Elizabeth facility the capacity to move 1.5 million containers a year when completed in 2012.

Last year, six percent more containers were transported than in 2007 on the Port of New York and New Jersey ExpressRail System, which includes ExpressRail Elizabeth and ExpressRail Staten Island.