Port of Everett Gets Federal Funding for Spur

Designation as an important disaster recovery base has led to federal funding for construction of a new spur at the Port of Everett, Wash. The port's shipping terminals have been identified as a base of operations to support regional recovery and reconstruction efforts should operations be disrupted at other Washington State facilities, the port said on Jan. 5.

The port is receiving more than $2.3 million in federal monies to pay for building a new rail spur to the port's bulk loading facility. A $700,000 loan from the state will cover the rest of the costs. Construction is expected to begin soon, with completion slated for later this year. The port expects the project to create about 25 jobs.

"This new rail line also provides operational improvements for the Port for its regular business as well," Port Commissioner Mark Wolken said. According to the port, the improvement will allow it to expand the market for imported cement, which currently leaves the port primarily by truck.