Ohio Valley Intermodal Facility Now Available to CP Customers

A new partnership between Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP), Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) and Bluegrass Farms of Ohio will allow CP customers the use of an intermodal facility in the Ohio Valley.

Under the partnership, Bluegrass Farms of Ohio will continue to own the 90-acre intermodal facility in Jeffersonville, Ohio, but will operate it on behalf of CP. CP has also come to an agreement with G&W, which services the site through its Indiana & Ohio (IORY) line.

“Through strategic partnerships and innovative thinking, we are expanding our reach and increasing optionality for our customers,” said Keith Creel, CP president and CEO. “This service allows our international intermodal customers to come through the Port of Vancouver and access markets deep in the Ohio Valley. The unique site also creates better round trip economics for our customers by enabling the empty containers to be re-loaded with agriculture products and shipped back overseas.”

“We are putting more dots on the map, expanding our reach and working with current and potential customers to sustainably grow our business and theirs,” added Creel said.

The facility is able to accommodate intermodal and bulk shipments, and has the ability to provide transloading services of bulk agricultural products into containers. The secure site features container and trailer storage and is located on the I-71 corridor with the ability to serve the Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

“Our partnership with Canadian Pacific is an excellent example of how short line railroads can extend the reach of the Class 1 network,” remarked Jack Hellmann, G&W chairman, president and CEO. “This intermodal terminal not only offers a new rail option to and from the Ohio Valley, but was purpose built to provide backhaul opportunities that will enable customers to reduce overall transportation costs and enhance their competitive advantage.”  

Dave Martin, Bluegrass Farms of Ohio president, said, “We are excited to be working closely with CP and have always believed that this is the perfect site to not only reach into the Ohio Valley with imports, but to deliver high-quality, sustainable agricultural products back on the export side.”