NS to Develop New Train Crew Management System

Norfolk Southern and software company PS Technology have agreed to develop an automated train crew management and payroll system for phased future deployment throughout the railroad’s network. The new system is expected to boost operating efficiency, lower costs and increase productivity for Norfolk Southern. 

“Incorporating PS Technology’s CrewPro software with our operating and data platforms will save costs and streamline Norfolk Sothern’s train crew management and payroll processes,” stated Fred Ehlers, NS vice president information technology. “When deployed, the system will expand Norfolk Southern’s digital capabilities to enhance interactions with our train crews.” 

Ehlers noted that the software optimizes train crew assignments by factoring in employees’ work schedules and geographical operating credentials, federal regulations, and labor contract requirements. “In effect, the software analyzes data to come up with the best, most efficient match of crew and train,” Ehlers added.

Seenu Chundru, PS Technology president, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with our longtime business partner Norfolk Southern to develop CrewPro. The system leverages technology to reduce costs of managing train and engine service crews. Optimization tools enable automated decision-making support and efficiency improvements.”

CrewPro will ultimately manage payroll, taxi and lodging services, and vacation scheduling for Norfolk Southern employees in train and engine service.