NS Assists with $2.2 Billion Worth of Industrial Development

Along its rail lines throughout 2008, Norfolk Southern Corporation participated in the location of 80 new industries and expansion of 35 existing ones that are expected to eventually generate more than 136,000 carloads of new rail traffic annually.

Norfolk Southern assisted state and local government and economic development officials throughout 20 states in helping customers identify the best locations for new and expanded facilities. The company provided free and confidential plant location services, including industrial park planning, site layout, track design, and logistics assistance. 

Renewable energy projects were the most active area with NS assisting in the location of 19 ethanol and bio-diesel production and distribution facilities across 10 states. It completed eight projects with stone producers and electric utilities to facilitate rail shipments of high-calcium limestone for use in scrubbing power plant air emissions. Other projects included automobile assembly, coke production, lumber, aggregate, paper, and grain distribution; plastic products production, steel processing, and solid waste disposal.

The new plants and expansions represent an investment of more than $2.2 billion by Norfolk Southern customers and are expected to create 3,623 jobs in the railroad's territory.