Norfolk Southern Taps Encore Networks for Routers

On Feb. 16, Encore Networks announced that Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) had selected its industrially hardened (rugged) router, the BANDIT-III™, for both Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR) network solutions. The company said its router provides reliable communications between primary and back-up centralized operations facilities and rail yards and remote way-stations throughout the eastern United States.

Encore's BANDIT-III™ router has an integrated firewall, terminal server, serial-to-IP conversion, legacy protocol conversion, and VPN functionality. The hardened four-wire E&M Voice Interface Module (VIM100) utilizes compressed voice encapsulation, which Encore said will allow Norfolk Southern to transport E&M voice or VoIP over its packet network efficiently.

"The BANDIT is purpose-built for mission-critical network connectivity in locations that may have few to no environmental controls," said Matt Girard, Encore Networks' senior director of business development. "Norfolk Southern's acceptance of our rugged technology validates the strategy of targeting these remote sites such as rail yards and way stations which are be located in harsh environments."