MTA New York City Transit Continues Speed Increases on Subway

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) New York City Transit has announced continued progress on increasing subway speed limits on its system. As part of the Save Safe Seconds Campaign, increased speed limits have been approved at more than 100 locations, and more than 50 of them have been implemented.  

A Subway Performance Evaluation, Education and Development Unit (SPEED Unit) assesses areas in the system where trains can safely pass at higher speeds. The unit has also tested the accuracy of 95 percent of 2,000 speed regulating signals, with approximately 350 faulty timer signals found and 105 of them recalibrated.

“Since I first arrived here, I have been relentless about identifying ways to improve our daily operations and bring better service to the millions who ride our trains each day,” said Andy Byford, NYC Transit president.  “Today’s news shows how the SPEED Unit is doing just that.  By meticulously examining places where trains can go faster safely, we are bringing tangible daily benefits to our customers.  As always, I commend all of our workers who are working so hard to improve the lives of our customers.”