Miner Rolls Out Composite Trough Hatch Cover

Miner Enterprises, Inc. has unveiled its DuraShieldTM covered hopper car hatch cover, which combines a lightweight, high-durability, low-profile design with a high-performance seal.

Miner, the Geneva, Ill.-based provider of railcar components, developed the new hatch cover to outfit hopper cars from the bottom up. The covers are lighter than similar aluminum products and more durable than fiberglass ones, according to the company.  They are available in all standard lengths to accommodate most 24" troughs with round or square ends.

"We looked at available covers on the market and decided that customers should not have to trade-off qualities such as long life for light weight. In the DuraShield, our engineers have combined the advantages of both fiberglass and aluminum covers while avoiding their drawbacks," said Ric Biehl, Miner's vice president of sales.

The DuraShield design incorporates a patent-pending aluminum and steel boxed frame with a composite skin. Extended support straps help hold the cover's shape and afford hinge stiffness in a low-profile configuration.