Metro-North Wins Safety Award

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Metro-North Railroad has been awarded a Certificate of Commendation from E.H. Harriman Memorial Awards Institute as "Most Improved" in terms of safety among railroads of its size. The railroad was honored for its reduction in employee injuries from 2007 to 2008.

Metro-North, which employees 5,900 people, achieved a 30-percent decrease in lost-time injuries from 2007 to 2008. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) "reportable" injuries, those that require medical attention beyond first aid, decreased 33 percent during the same period. In absolute terms, lost-time injuries decreased f rom 71 to 51 and FRA reportable injuries decreased from 179 to 122.

The award selections were made by the board of directors of the Harriman Institute, which is comprised of the chairman of the Association of American Railroads, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, the administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration, the president of the National Industrial Transportation League and the executive director of the Railway Supply Institute.