MBTA to Improve South Shore Red Line Stations

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) will hold four public meetings this week to discuss major improvements and renovations at stations and garages on the South Shore Line.

The improvements include renovating Wollaston Station, partially demolishing the Quincy Center Garage, and major overhauls to the parking facilities at Quincy Adams and Braintree Stations. They will also include state-of-the-art safety features, major accessibility improvements, and additional parking.

"We sometimes refer to the Red Line as the 'Jobs Line' because of its critical role in moving people from their homes to their jobs," said Brian Shortsleeve, MBTA chief administrator and acting general manager. "The generational investment we are making in Red Line vehicles and infrastructure will deliver significant and lasting benefits not just to Red Line riders, but to their communities and the region's economy."

The Wollaston Station Improvements Project will make the station a fully accessible facility, with the entirety of the Red Line 100-percent accessible. New features to the station include new elevators; upgraded stairways; new bathrooms; additional lighting; and new electrical, fire protection, security, flooding mitigation, and site utility.

Construction of the project is proposed from July 2017 through June 2020, with an estimated construction value of $38 million. The station will temporarily close during the 20-month construction period and be replaced with bus service between Wollaston and North Quincy Stations.

At Braintree and Quincy Adams Stations, improvements will feature structural repairs, replaced drainage systems, upgraded fire alarm, CCTV, electrical and emergency power systems, and replacement of lighting systems. Also included in the work are a new lobby, redundant elevators, and improved stairways. Construction at Quincy Adams Garage features Centre Street Bridge repairs and upgrades to two new elevators at the garage, as well as improvements to both garages in wayfinding signage and traffic circulation for accessibility vehicles, wheelchair access, and pedestrian movement.

The T has already committed $911 million to Red Line projects, including 252 new Red Line cars that will begin service in November 2019.