MARTA Completes Major Car Rebuilding Program

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has unveiled the final two rebuilt cars that were part of its 5-year, $246 million rail car rehabilitation program in which it overhauled 218 of its oldest cars to extend each car's life by 15 years.

MARTA contracted with New York-based Alstom Transportation, Inc. USA to take each vehicle down to its shell and rebuild it from the ground up using new components and designs. Each rail car received new brakes and propulsion systems, new communications systems, interior lighting improvements, new stainless steel hand-grabs and refurbished seats, door and climate control system upgrades, rubberized floors, new equipment and upgrades to the auxiliary electrical system, and redesigned ergonomically enhanced operator cabs.

In conjunction with the rehab, MARTA received assistance from the Rail Vehicle Consultant (RVC) team of LTK Engineering Services, Parsons, and S.L. King & Associates. The RVC team developed, implemented and managed the Life Cycle Asset Reliability Enhancement (L-CARE) program, which is designed to maintain the newly rehabilitated vehicles in a state of good repair by proactively monitoring, maintaining and replacing major rail car system components prior to the end of their useful life.