LIRR Extends Platforms at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens

The extended platform at Forest Hills. Photo: courtesy of LIRR.​​

Phillip Eng, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) president, has announced that the railroad completed work to lengthen the platforms by 50 percent at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens. The extended platforms allow six cars of a train to meet the platform instead of four cars.

“I hope that this project demonstrates the new sense of urgency that the LIRR is bringing to bear on projects that can improve our customers’ commutes,” Eng remarked. “This change will have real benefits for our riders, and we accomplished it in less than two months by identifying a pinch-point where we incur delays and quickly marshalling our dedicated and capable workforce to make a fix.”

“I want to thank the hard-working LIRR employees who made this project happen, and, throughout the railroad, all of our men and women who are bringing renewed energy to tackling the myriad projects that we need to tackle to improve service,” added Eng.

The railroad extended both platforms at the stations 200 feet westward using steel scaffolding structures supporting fiberglass decking. LIRR personnel completed the project in seven weeks.

“At Kew Gardens and Forest Hills, we hope our trains will be less congested, faster, and more pleasant,” Eng said. “With more doors to board from, we anticipate more efficient train operations at both stations. We’re committed to improving conditions for all our customers, and this is a win not only for Queen, but for customers who ride from Nassau and Suffolk into Penn Station, who we hope will experience fewer delays through this area.”