KC Streetcar Ridership Increases in 2018

Kansas City’s KC Streetcar has reported 2,114,886 rides for the year 2018 compared to 2,060,327 rides for 2017. The streetcar also logged seven straight months of year-over-year monthly growth in 2018. The KC Streetcar has had more than 5.5 million rides since opening day in May 2016.

“The steady increase in streetcar ridership is a direct reflection of the residential and employment growth downtown,” said Tom Gerend, executive director of the KC Streetcar Authority. “For every new housing unit built, the KC Streetcar gains another rider. More streetcar riders equal more downtown activity and a direct downtown economic impact.”

Ridership statistics for 2018 also include average daily ridership of 5,794. The highest ridership month to date was July with 262,593 trips, and 169,254 trips were taken in December, an increase of more than 19,000 from the previous December.