UP Investing $180 Million in California Infrastructure

Union Pacific (UP) is investing approximately $180 million in California’s rail infrastructure during 2017.

Union Pacific will fund $149.6 million to maintain railroad track and $20.7 million to maintain bridges in the state, without taxpayer funds.

The company will invest $12.5 million in the rail line between Visalia and Delano to replace 28 miles of rail and $7.9 million in the rail line north of Winterhaven to replace 18 miles of rail. UP will also invest $9.1 million in the West Colton Bowl Track project.

"Union Pacific's targeted investments fund projects that strengthen our railroad tracks, increase safety and minimize delays as trains travel through communities across California," said Wes Lujan, UP vice president public affairs, western region.

"Maintaining a healthy railroad is the foundation of our ability to serve customers and communities across the state,” added Lujan.

From 2012 to 2016, UP invested more than $976 million to strengthen California's transportation infrastructure. This year’s $180 million investment in California is part of an ongoing investment strategy, with UP planning to spend $3.1 billion across its network in 2017.