Greenbrier Completes Investment in Brazilian Railcar Manufacturer

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. has completed its investment in Amsted-Maxion Equipamentos E Serviços Ferroviários S.A. (Greenbrier-Maxion) on April 28, 2017. The acquisition increases Greenbrier's direct ownership from 19.5 percent to 60 percent. 

Greenbrier-Maxion, located in Hortolândia, Brazil, has more than 70 percent of the share of new railcar production in Brazil. The company offers a range of aftermarket services, including railcar overhaul and refurbishment. Greenbrier has also completed transactions increasing its ownership stake in Amsted-Maxion Cruzeiro, a manufacturer of castings and components for railcars and other heavy industrial equipment, from 19.5 percent to 24.5 percent.

William A. Furman, Chairman and CEO of Greenbrier, said, "We are pleased to grow our presence in the emerging Latin American rail market with an increased stake in Greenbrier-Maxion and Amsted-Maxion Cruzeiro as we extend our partnership with Amsted Rail and Iochpe-Maxion. Greenbrier-Maxion, with strong leadership and access to innovations from its U.S. investors, Greenbrier and Amsted, is well-positioned to provide leading railcar manufacturing, design and aftermarket services to Brazil, other Latin American markets, and beyond." 

With its majority ownership in Greenbrier-Maxion, Greenbrier is now the largest freight railcar builder in South America.