Greenbrier Adds New Covered Hopper Railcar

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. has added a new covered hopper railcar, specifically designed for grain, to its railcar products. The railcar introduces the Tsunami Gate, a door and hatch system that permits shippers to customize the discharge speed of grain. The railcar has a capacity of 5,185 cubic feet and a 50' 6" length that is shorter than traditional models, which allows more railcars per fixed amount of track.

The design features longer hatches for improved filling efficiency and rounded stiffeners for stronger sides. It also features automated unloading for improved worker safety; "align to close" tabs for clear indication that the Tsunami Gate is closed, locked and sealed for transport; and aerodynamic performance for up to 53 percent reduction in drag.

"A shorter, higher-capacity covered hopper railcar with the Tsunami Gate is a long-awaited and highly valued product for grain shipping customers,” said Peter Jones, Greenbrier vice president engineering. “The new design increases worker safety by automating the unloading process, and it optimizes space on the tracks. By shortening the length of traditional grain railcars by more than 5 feet, while maintaining the same cubic volume, the result is less fuel consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower overall operating costs for our customers."