Great Lakes Basin Files Chicago Area Build Program with STB

Great Lakes Basin Transportation, Inc. has announced its build program for transportation projects, which will provide new transport capacity for the Midwest region, has been submitted to the Surface Transportation Board (STB). The STB will announce the procedural schedule for the application and related environmental review in future orders.

“This is a historic day for Great Lakes Basin Transportation to file its formal application to construct the Great Lakes Basin Railroad,” said Frank Patton, Great Lakes Basin Transportation founder and chairman. “Our application explains the need for this vital project to the STB and the public. The GLBR is the largest single freight railroad project proposed for the Chicago region in over a century. We look forward to working with the STB and other interested parties to move this project forward.”

The program includes a Rail Build Project, a new Burnham Expressway and developing the South Suburban Airport.

“The Build Program is designed to provide additional road, rail and air transportation capacity in the Midwest region,” remarked Patton. “The demand for freight and passenger transportation has outgrown the infrastructure in place. New and greatly expanded capacity is needed to accommodate projected growth for generations to come.”

Patton added, “The privately financed Build Program will provide a new transportation belt to meet the growing and rapidly changing transportation demands of the 21st Century.”