Five Siemens Compressor Trains Delivered to Mexico

Siemens STC-SV single-shaft pipeline compressor. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.

Siemens has announced that it delivered five gas turbine-driven compressor trains to Fermaca Enterprises. The trains will be used on two pipeline stations in Mexico. The five compressor trains, which each consist of a SGT-400 gas turbine driving a STC-SV single-shaft pipeline compressor, were packaged at Siemens’ Telge Road facility in Houston, Texas.

The contract, which includes a long-term service agreement, is part of the ongoing energy reform program of the Comision Federal de Electricidad de Mexico’s (CFE), which is expected to increase the availability of low-cost energy. The stations have an expected commissioning date in 2018, with the entire 500 kilometer pipeline planned to begin commercial operation in 2019.

"Because of our previous work with Siemens, we were able to review past projects and incorporate lessons learned and best practices into this most recent project,” remarked Dr. Raul Monteforte, Fermaca chief development officer. "The close proximity of Siemens facilities and their impressive performance with past projects and equipment makes it easy to manage expectations for this pipeline extension."

The trains will provide compression power for a 1,500 kilometer natural gas pipeline that reaches from northern Mexico to the center of the country.