CSX Restructures Operating Management, Announces New Appointments

As part of the company’s scheduled railroading transformation, CSX Corporation has announced a new operating management structure that resulted in several new leadership appointments. The changes will decentralize operational and support functions and will accelerate decision making and drive operating efficiency. 

“This is a proven model that pushes decision making closer to the day-to-day field operations and eliminates bureaucracy and long-standing silos within our business,” said CSX President and CEO James M. Foote. “This new structure highlights the strength of CSX’s extremely talented operating leadership team and will enable the company to continue driving performance improvements in a more effective and efficient way.”

The new operating management features:

  • creation of an east and west structure with leaders responsible for all three major operations functions;
  • embedding of support functions, including human resources, labor relations, claims and finance employees in the day-to-day field operations of the railroad;
  • oversight of safety programs, policies and practices will fall under the leadership of Jim Schwichtenberg, vice president and chief safety officer; and
  • system engineering and mechanical will fall under Brian Barr, senior vice president engineering and mechanical.

“We are making a fundamental shift from a headquarters-centric organization to one in which all functions are aligned with our core mission to provide the industry’s best transportation product for our customers,” added Foote. 

The restructuring included the following leadership appointments, with all executives reporting to Ed Harris, executive vice president of operations:

  • Bob Frulla – senior vice president operations east
  • Jermaine Swafford – senior vice president operations west
  • Jamie Boychuk - senior vice president network operations
  • Amy Rice – vice president intermodal operations

Prior to this new appointment, Frulla was senior vice president network operations. Before that, he was vice president of the northern region and was also a division manager in several locations. Frulla is a CSX veteran of 28 years.

Before his new appointment, Swafford was senior vice president and chief transportation officer. He joined CSX as an assistant trainmaster in 1998 and was the CSX vice president of regional transportation for the northern and southern regions and also held various management positions in the company. Swafford earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Marshall University in West Virginia.

Boychuk previously served as vice president of precision scheduled railroading implementation and intermodal operations. Before joining CSX, he was at Canadian National Railway for 20 years, where he was general manager of the Alberta and Prairie Sub-regions. He began his career as a conductor, yardmaster and locomotive engineer and also served in managerial positions in Western Canada, Eastern Canada and the United States. Boychuk has a business and leadership certificate from the University of Notre Dame.

Rice held the position of CSX vice president of strategic planning before her new position. She joined the company in 2011, serving as vice president of finance and assistant vice president of commercial finance, director of commercial finance, and director of intermodal marketing. Prior to CSX, she worked in business management and analytics at Deloitte, National City Bank and Citibank. Rice holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Emory University Goizueta School of Business and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.