CP, ERAC Conduct Rail Emergency Team Training Exercise

Canadian Pacific (CP) and Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) have conducted a rail emergency exercise, the largest training exercise conducted by ERAC to date. The event is part of ongoing ERAC responder training in the event of an incident involving railcars transporting flammable liquids or gas.

ERAC Response Teams and Remedial Measures Advisors from across British Columbia participated in the exercise, which involved two flammable liquid transfers, one LPG transfer from railcar to railcar, and one LPG transfer from railcar to truck.

"Despite being extremely rare, rail incidents involving flammable liquids and gases can happen at any time and any place. If they do, Emergency Response Assistance Canada is capable of responding with highly-trained and experienced responders," stated Spencer Buckland, ERAC president. "Activities like today's controlled transfer exercises provide our responders with critical experience to ensure they are ready to act if an incident occurs." 

Representatives from Transport Canada, the BC Ministry of Environment and plan participant members attended the event to observe the training.

Glen Wilson, assistant vice president environmental risk and ERAC board member, remarked, "CP is proud to have facilitated another successful large scale live transfer exercise to showcase the capabilities of our emergency response employees and contractors to government representatives, fire departments and local officials."

"By practicing these important skills we can be sure that they will be ready to safely and effectively respond to incidents involving dangerous goods and at the same time assure communities they can trust CP has the right resources in place to respond in the unlikely event an incident involving a release occurs," Wilson added.

ERAC, a subsidiary of the Canadian Propane Association, is a not-for-profit emergency preparedness and response organization.