Connecticut DOT Selects Contractor for Norwalk Rail Projects

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has awarded a $237 million contract to Cianbro-Middlesex Joint Venture for the CP243 Interlocking and Danbury Branch Dockyard projects in Norwalk, Conn. The projects are part of the Walk Bridge Program. 

The CP243 Interlocking Project includes the construction of a new four-track interlocking located approximately 1.5 miles east of the Walk Bridge on the New Haven Line between the East Norwalk and Westport stations. Overhead catenary and signal work will extend west to South Norwalk Station. 

The project will improve and electrify the southern portion of the Danbury branch line from where it splits from the main line to approximately one mile north to an area referred to as the Dockyard. The improvements will allow commuter trains that begin or end in Norwalk to turn, or switch direction. The projects are independent of the replacement of the 121-year old Walk Railroad Bridge over the Norwalk River.  

The Walk Bridge Program team will hold a public meeting on the construction details of the CP243 Interlocking and Danbury Branch Dockyard projects at Norwalk City Hall in September.