Cando Rail Services Launches TrackSmart

Cando Rail Services has announced that it recently launched its TrackSmart initiative to its more than 530 employees. TrackSmart allows a continuous improvement in communications throughout the company and encourages open peer to peer communications on the job while also enhancing ongoing safety training and awareness. 

The company stated that its goal is to create an industry-leading environment that enhances safety training and improves sharing of safety information and practices at every location. 

“This is a major initiative for us,” said Steve Gallagher, Cando’s director of corporate safety. “TrackSmart was built on extensive employee and industry research. We did a thorough review of our safety practices across the company. We also surveyed our employees who told us where they see opportunities for improvement. We combined that with our executive team’s vision of safety as the way we do things.” 

Cando, which operates at more than 25 locations across Canada and the United States, will use TrackSmart to share best practices with a system where all crews can plug in to share and receive what they are learning. 

“We have always treated safety seriously,” said Cando CEO Brian Cornick. “Our record has been excellent and we know that our expertise has been a prime driver in our success as a company. What I like most about this initiative is that it is driven as much by our guys on the ground as it is by head office.” 

“We all believe safety has to be a prominent and central part of our everyday culture,” added Cornick. “That message comes straight from our crews. Safety drives everything from customer service to being a good neighbor to the communities we serve.”