Caltrain Board Adopts Service Plan Vision

The Board of Directors of Caltrain has voted to adopt a long term 2040 Service Vision that plans for growing service over the next 20-plus years while making the best use of projects and investments planned and under construction along the corridor.

The 2040 Service Vision calls for increased service, frequency, and longer trains by 2040, as well as preparing for a future shared corridor with high speed rail. It also calls for Caltrain to expand and integrate into a regional rail network that includes the planned extension to the Salesforce Transit Center in Downtown San Francisco, integration with a potential renewed rail service across the Dumbarton Bridge and the rebuilding of Diridon Station in San Jose.

Caltrain will also work on the incremental development of corridor projects and infrastructure, including an improved signal system, station modifications such as platform lengthening and level boarding, improved maintenance and storage facilities, and a series of short, 4-track stations that allow express trains to overtake locals.