California High-Speed Rail Authority Approves Agreement with Gateway Cities Council of Governments

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has approved a memorandum of understanding with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, representing cities in southeastern Los Angeles County, for cooperation in the development of the state's proposed high-speed network.

This is the latest in a series of agreements with local government agencies around the state.

"We can't build this important project alone - we need partners. This agreement and others we entered into like it are designed to establish a positive and clear working relationship between the Authority and our regional partners," said Curt Pringle, chairman of the authority's policy board.

In other action, the board set a January 15, 2010, deadline for "requests for expressions of interest" from local governments, public transportation agencies, private companies and others who want to participate in the planning, development and operation of maintenance facilities on the 800-mile network linking the state's major cities.