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L.B. Foster Company
BC, BurnabyCANInnovative, patented friction control solutions applied at the wheel/rail interface to reduce costs and improve performance. A line of friction control solutions for transit and freight rail applications that extend rail and wheel life, improve fuel efficiency, as well as reduce noise, lateral forces, short pitch corrugations and green house gas emissions. The Top-of-Rail (TOR) Friction Control liquids and solid stick gauge face lubricants can be applied through a variety of delivery systems offered by L. B. Foster, including Trackside TOR (liquid), Locomotive On-Board (liquid and solid stick), Freight Car (liquid and solid stick), Hi-Rail (liquid), Transit Vehicle (solid stick). Brands include: KELTRACK[RM] Liquid Top-of-Rail Friction Modifier, LCF Solid Stick Gauge Face Lubricant, HPF Solid Stick Top-of-Rail Friction Modifier, AutoPilot[TM] Car Based TOR Application System. Rail Deflection Gauge to measure dynamic rail deflection. L. B. Foster also provides technical support focused on realizing friction management performance goals.