L.B. Foster Company

4393-K Tuller Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017-5008
Main Phone: 614-792-5800
Website: www.lbfoster-salientsystems.com

As the developer of innovative, real-time detection systems for the rail freight and transit industries, L. B. Foster provides the rail industry with a comprehensive system of hardware and software solutions. These systems assess infrastructure and rolling stock through real-time monitoring to lower the risk of catastrophic derailments and to promote timely, cost-effective preventative maintenance. IntelliTrackĀ® solutions are cutting edge technologies that offer the power of information to the entire rail industry. Wayside systems include Wheel Impact Load Detectors (WILD[TM]), Truck Performance Detectors, Automatic Vehicle Overload and Imbalance Detectors, Hunting Truck Detectors, Low-Hose Detectors, Tribometers, and Rail Stress Monitors to complete the StressNet[TM] Solution.