BRG Begins Grain Shipments to Port of Brownsville

OmniTRAX Inc. has announced that its Brownsville Rio Grande International Railway (BRG) completed the first rail grain shipment to a newly renovated silo at the Port of Brownsville. The 109-car train of corn was transported from locations around Texas and will be distributed to processors.

OmniTRAX was instrumental in leasing the grain-handling facility to West Plains LLC, which is operating the 3,000,000-bushel capacity grain elevator that had been idle for several years. The facility is located in the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub at the Port of Brownsville.

“This is another great step forward for the BRG, the Port of Brownsville and the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub, which is attracting a very diverse group of companies,” said Kevin Shuba, CEO of OmniTRAX. “The economic synergies being created should result in a vibrant community of businesses that will benefit the entire Rio Grande Valley and beyond.”

The GEOTRAC Industrial Hub’s infrastructure connects to the Port of Brownsville and the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway.