Bombardier Joint Venture Wins Contract To Supply Cars for Shanghai Line 12 in China

Bombardier Transportation on Dec. 18 announced that it, along with its joint venture partners in China, had signed a contract with Shanghai Rail Transit Line 12 Development Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. The contract comprises 246 BOMBARDIER MOVIA metro cars (41 six-car trains), including spare parts and training for the operator's staff.

The total contract is valued at approximately 1.99 billion RMB, including the Chinese VAT (US$291 million). It was awarded to Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company Ltd. (CBRC) and a consortium for the propulsion system comprising Bombardier Transportation Sweden and Changzhou Railcar Propulsion Engineering R&D Center (CPC).

The new cars will be assembled in China at CBRC production facilities in Changchun. Propulsion equipment for the cars will be manufactured at the production site of Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Co. Ltd. (BCP) in Changzhou and Bombardier production facilities in Vasteras, Sweden. Deliveries are scheduled to begin 28 months from the award of the contract and be completed in 2014.

"Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. is a long-term and important customer to us," said Dr. Jianwei Zhang, president and chief country representative of Bombardier in China. "We are pleased to see that our high quality MOVIA metro trains are recognized for their reliability and performance. In Shanghai, we have delivered more than 700 metro cars to the Metro network to date."

The vehicles will meet the requirements set by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. Bombardier said they will feature energy-efficient air conditioning equipment, additional displays for passenger information within and on the outside of the cars, and a state-of-the-art video surveillance system.

MOVIA metro cars are already in service in such cities as London, Berlin, New Delhi and Shanghai.