Bombardier Expects On-Time Delivery of LRVs to Toronto

Metrolinx second vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Bombardier.




Bombardier has confirmed that it is on track to deliver the Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) necessary to support the 2021 opening of the Eglinton Crosstown line, notwithstanding the pending contractual dispute with Metrolinx.

The company also provided the following program updates:

  • Static testing of the first pilot vehicle has successfully demonstrated brake and high-voltage operation, as well as confirmed the functionality of major subsystems.  
  • Bombardier is ready to ship the second pilot vehicle from its Thunder Bay facility to its Kingston LRV Centre of Excellence, in Ontario. It will begin dynamic testing of the vehicle later this spring at Bombardier’s Kingston facility that was recently upgraded to support the testing program as the Metrolinx rails are not ready to allow testing.
  • After the second pilot vehicle arrives at Kingston, the first pilot vehicle will be sent to Ottawa to undergo climate testing at the National Research Council of Canada facility.

“These actions clearly demonstrate that Bombardier is fully capable of delivering the LRVs necessary to support namely the Eglinton Crosstown project,” said Mark McGregor, project manager for Bombardier Transportation, in Ontario. “We are confident that our vehicles will be ready well before the tracks, and we look forward to delivering world class vehicles to support the transportation needs of the people of Toronto and the Region of Waterloo.”