BART Renovating Concord Station Plaza

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has started a construction and renovation project at its Concord commuter rail station.

The project will include a major makeover to the station plaza, a raised crosswalk, energy-efficient lighting, and illuminated signage. The $3.2 million project is funded from Prop 1B, Measure J, and BART funds. The work is expected to finish by summer 2018.

“Downtown Concord is a vibrant, growing area,” said BART Director Joel Keller. “It’s rapidly becoming a destination for more than just commuters, and these renovations will improve the customer experience and how people connect to our system. It’s a new era for BART, and as we rebuild we want to ensure we’re an attractive alternative to driving into the city.”

Concord Station is also slated to receive a bike station expected to be complete by winter 2018. The project has a budget of $700,000.