BART Installs Rail Car Security Cameras

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has announced that its goal of installing all train cars with working security cameras has been met. Each car has four cameras on board. 

“The installation of new digital cameras demonstrates our commitment to public safety,” said Carlos Rojas, BART police chief.  “These cameras will be an effective tool for solving crimes that occur on the BART system by helping investigators to identify suspects. The devices will also serve as a deterrent to prevent some crimes from ever occurring in the first place.” 

The new cameras will bolster BART’s security infrastructure network, which currently includes cameras on platforms, inside and outside stations, as well as cameras on police.

The new cameras and digital recording devices provide high quality images and have a useful life of six to seven years. This will coincide with the aging train cars that will be retired from service and be replaced with BART’s Fleet of the Future, which has been designed with built-in cameras. 

The full cost of the camera project including labor and other materials was $1.42 million with the money coming from BART’s operating budget. 

BART recommends that any rider who becomes the victim of a crime should take note of the number of the car they were in, which is posted above the end doors of each car.  The number will make it much easier for investigators to track down the video associated with any report of criminal activity.