ASLRRA Establishes Short Line Education Fund

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) has created a Short Line Education Fund that will be used for industry training, certification needs, an industry-specific library and promoting the value of short line railroads. 

ASLRRA will advance the following initiatives:

  • developing curriculum for an industry-specific executive leadership program;
  • expanding webinar production abilities and offerings to include expert speakers and specially developed content;
  • implementing an online learning management tool for tests and certifications based on industry training templates;
  • creating communications tools to promote industry awareness and support advocacy efforts;
  • facilitating research on the economic impact of the industry on key customers, and the nation’s economy.

Linda Bauer Darr, ASLRRA president, stated, “It has become evident to our Board that short lines are facing some of the most complex challenges this industry has seen in many years, including new training rules, new technology implementation such as PTC, and new equipment considerations for HAZMAT transport, all during a tough economic market. The Education Fund will provide critical support for high priority industry education and training initiatives, build a foundation of short line data and industry research, and award scholarships to small railroads so they may attend industry events and access educational resources – all without taxing our members with further dues increases.”