Argentina’s San Martín Viaduct to Receive Alstom Signaling System

Alstom was awarded a contract to provide the signaling system for the new viaduct of the San Martín Line in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The agreement was subcontracted by Unión Transitoria GREEN SA-ROTTIO SA-VFE-UNIÓN TRANSITORIA for the Viaducto Ferrocarril San Martín Palermo-Paternal stretch of Autopistas Urbanas SA. 

Alstom will provide its interlocking technology and signaling system products, including point machines, signals, local control post and track circuits. The contract is worth approximately 5 million euros. 

"We are very pleased to celebrate this new contract in Argentina,” said Ernesto Garberoglio, managing director of Alstom Argentina. “Alstom is proud to work on projects that mean a substantial change in the functioning of the Buenos Aires public transport, optimizing the operation and making it safer for the thousands of passengers who use it every day." 

Luciano Barbieri, managing director of signaling for Alstom in Latin America, remarked, "We continue our efforts, investing more and more in the country and in the region to improve signaling and the modernization of transport systems. For Alstom, it is an honor to provide equipment of excellence to the rail lines of Buenos Aires." 

The San Martín Viaduct will travel 5 kilometers on the current route of the San Martín Railroad, connecting Retiro and Paternal in an elevated railway. It will eliminate 11 barriers and generate 9 additional safe crossings.