UP Announces Progress on Fourth Quarter PTC Implementation

Union Pacific (UP) has issued a report on the progress it has made implementing positive train control (PTC) across its network. The company anticipates it will make all required federal deadlines for installing PTC and will continue to test and refine the system in 2019 and 2020. 

The railroad’s PTC footprint will cover more than 17,000 route miles, approximately 55 percent more miles than the next largest railroad. 

In the fourth quarter of 2017, UP accomplished the following:

  • prepared 33 additional track segments for PTC, with the total number of track segments now 168 or 92 percent complete;
  • educated more than 2,700 additional employees on PTC operations, bringing the total number of employees trained to about 19,400 or 75 percent; and
  • increased the number of route miles in PTC operation by nearly 2,500. The total number of UP route miles in PTC operations is now 10,053 or 59 percent.

Other progress UP has made in implementing PTC includes 88 percent of required locomotives equipped with PTC technology and 100 percent of required radio towers are equipped with PTC technology.

Union Pacific plans to spend about $160 million on PTC in 2018 toward the current total estimated $2.9 billion cost.