Amtrak Continues Work on New York Penn Station

Amtrak’s Portal Krane (PK-1) positioning a switch for installation. Photo: courtesy of Amtrak.


Amtrak has continued infrastructure renewal work at New York’s Penn Station, which will increase service reliability for the station users.

Recently completed renewal and maintenance projects include:

  • renewal of 125 feet of station track 7 at east end limits including the replacement of 600 railroad ties;
  • total switch replacement at several sections within tracks 3X and 4X in “A” interlocking;
  • wood, timber and rail replacement within “JO” interlocking ;
  • replacement of 96 block ties in Line 1 of the East River tunnels;
  • replacement of block ties within station tracks 2 and 10;
  • positioning of equipment in preparation for summer work in July and August; and
  • daily maintenance work.

Amtrak has released the schedules for passenger service during Infrastructure Renewal at Penn Station beginning July 10, 2017, through September 1, 2017.