Alstom to Supply 15 Trams to Taiwan

Alstom was awarded its first contract in Taiwan by China Steel Co. for the delivery of 15 Citadis trams for Kaohsiung tramway project phase 2. The tramway is expected to start revenue service in 2019.

Alstom will provide its Citadis X05, which has permanent magnet motors to reduce energy consumption. The trams will also be equipped with Citadis Ecopack, an on-board energy storage solution located on the roof that enables the tram to run without a catenary from a station to another. Citadis Ecopack enables the tram to be fully charged through the catenary when stopped at stations in 20 seconds.

Phase 2 of the Kaohsiung tramway line will travel 13.4 km and feature 23 stations. The new line will run around the city and will be connected to two existing Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines.

“Alstom is proud to bring its leading tramway and infrastructure technologies to Taiwan,” said Ling Fang, managing director of China & East Asia, Alstom. “Once completed, the tramway line will provide a green transport solution to Kaohsiung residents and visitors who will be able to commute aboard a tram that is efficient, comfortable, and that blends perfectly into the cityscape.”

The trams will be designed and manufactured by Alstom La Rochelle site in France. Alstom Taiwan is providing the on-site testing, training and warranty services.