Alstom to Provide 42 Trains for Barcelona Metro

Barcelona Metro operator TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) has awarded a contract for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of 42 five-car Metropolis trains to Alstom. The new trains will replace those currently running on lines 1 and 3 of the network.

“Alstom is honored by this sign of confidence from TMB,” said Gian Luca Erbacci, senior vice president Alstom Europe. “The expertise and innovation capabilities of our teams are fully mobilized to support the plan to modernize Barcelona Metro for the benefit of passengers.”

“Carrying over 400 million passengers per year, the Barcelona network is one of the most efficient and modern in Europe,” added Erbacci. “With our trains, we aim to help TMB in the development of efficient and sustainable mobility that responds to the current and future needs of all passengers.” 

The new Metropolis trains will meet sustainability criteria, including: light structure; low energy consumption; high levels of recoverability and recyclability; technical reliability and ease of maintenance. The trains will also be equipped with remote sensors for optimal maintenance. The trains will feature wide doors and spaces, vibration mitigation and passenger information in real time.

“With the withdrawal of the oldest fleet, we accelerate a process of renovation that will increase service reliability, sustainability and passenger comfort in two of our most frequented Metro lines, in a context of maximum demand for the collective transport of Barcelona, upon the entry into force of the low-emission zone,” remarked TMB President Rosa Alarcón. “This is the most important rolling stock acquisition in the history of TMB.”

The trains will be manufactured in Alstom’s Barcelona site and delivered to TMB within two and a half years.