X Train Taps Rail Enterprises to Refurbish Railcars

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. (X Train), has selected Rail Enterprises Inc. to refurbish railcars for the planned luxury train service.

“We are fortunate to be working with Don Primi of Rail Enterprises Inc. for the refurbishment of the X Train cars,” said Michael Barron, president and CEO of X Train, in a written statement. “By selecting Don, we have chosen the leader in the industry and are ensuring that all of our rail cars will be constructed to the highest standards.” Primi is president of Orlando-based Rail Enterprises.

The remanufacturing of the X Train fleet will include upgrading trucks, brakes, couplers, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, exterior paint and interior surfaces such as upholstery, kitchen and bar furnishings as well.

Joseph A. Cosio-Barron, Las Vegas Railway Express managing director-asset development, said the company has not yet determined where the refurbishment will occur, but the work could be done in Las Vegas, as negotiations have begun with a facility the company believes could handle the project.