Union Pacific Announces More Track Improvement Projects

Union Pacific Railroad (UP) has announced additional track improvement projects on lines in Texas and Colorado.

In Texas, the railroad is investing $18.7 million to enhance a rail line that parallels the Hardy Toll Road from Spring to Crosstimbers Street in Houston. In 2010, UP completed a $29 million project to improve a second rail line that parallels the Hardy Toll Road from Spring to the Washington Avenue Corridor.

The new 17-mile project includes removing and installing new rail as well as 11 track switches and more than 45,000 concrete ties. Crews also will spread more than 78,000 tons of rock ballast. UP will use a modern track renewal train, the TRT 909, on the project; the TRT installs both rail and concrete ties in one pass and can install up to 6,000 ties in a twelve-hour day.

Union Pacific plans to spend approximately $3.2 billion in 2011 to support America's current and future freight transportation needs and enhance the safety and efficiency of the railroad's 32,000-mile network. Improvement projects such as this are examples of Union Pacific continuing to support its customers' business through strategic investments.

UP also said it is investing $11.2 million in improving 75 miles of rail line from Grand Junction, Colo., to near Somerset, Colo. The 75-mile project includes removing and installing nearly 81,000 railroad ties, renewing the surfaces in 64 road crossings, and installing nearly a mile of new rail in various curves on the line, as well as spreading 43,700 tons of rock ballast.