IEEE Task Group Develops Baseline Proposal for Wireless Train Control

The IEEE 802.15.4p Task Group has developed the baseline for wireless links between trains or locomotives and track infrastructure, Lilee Systems announced today. The task group will formalize its recommendations for review and approval during the first quarter of 2013.

"The IEEE 802.15.4p Task Group has achieved significant results as it creates its framework for locomotive and transit communication standards," said Jon Adams, founder and chairman of the task group and Lilee Systems' vice president of strategic development, in a written statement. "Standards development can be a challenging matter. But, by bringing together competitors and opposing entities into a cohesive team we have made significant progress in creating standardized approaches to a variety of challenges. Together we are developing recommendations for wireless systems that will support the networked communications necessary to ensure that trains do not 'exceed limits authority' or exceed speed restrictions. In the future we hope these standards can also evolve to encompass communication to bridges, overpasses or other infrastructure that can impact the safety of fast-moving trains."

The IEEE 802.15.4.p Task Group has 90 participants from more than 60 organizations worldwide, including U.S. Class I railroads; rail and transit systems integrators; the U.S. Federal Rail Administration, Federal Transit Administration and Department of Transportation; and transportation agencies in other regions of the world. Its aim is to expand the existing IEE 802.15.4 standard to include sensor, control, and information transfer applications for rail transit entities.